Seven persons were arrested for allegedly supplying psuedoephedrine tablets, which can be taken only under strict medical guidance, in the market here, police said on Tuesday.

30 kgs of loose psuedoephedrine tablets were also seized from their possession, police said, adding that the arrested men were booked under appropriate sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

The medicine is taken under strict medical guidance and can lead to neurological problems like numbness, and swelling of eyes if taken with a combination of other drugs.

The arrested persons have been identified as Prem Kumar, Sonu Sehgal, Dayanand, Sanjay Dubey, Manoj Verma, Bimal Kishore and Amit Maggu.

On a routine patrol, police arrested Prem Kumar and Sonu Sehgal on October 14 for supplying pseudoephedrine tablets in Delhi and NCR region and recovered 30 kgs of loose pseudoephedrine tablets from them.

“The recovered pseudoephedrine tablets are worth Rs 12 lakh in the open market. Prem Kumar said he used to get the loose medicines manufactured through Dayanand and Sanjay Dubey,” a senior police official said.

Based on their interrogation, police and a drug inspector from the Drug Controller’s office raided a premises and arrested Dayanand, and Sanjay Dubey. They also recovered two polythene bags containing 14 kgs and 500 gms of raw material, used in the manufacturing of the seized tablets.

The remaining persons were arrested later.

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