World Heart Foundation comes up with an interesting awareness campaign for the World Heart Day

There are cool ways of discussing cardiovascular health. Ask World Heart Foundation. It presents the World Heart Day (September 29) theme for 2012 — “One World, One Home, One Heart”, with an emphasis on women and children — in a wrapper of catchy cartoons and crisp pictorial commentaries. The central figure of the campaign — the material for which can be downloaded free from — is Superheart. Cast in the mould of superheroes, this character with a super-healthy heart wears a flowing cape, a mask and, of course, the symbol of a heart emblazoned on his dress. Through illustrations, Superheart explains why it is necessary to engage in sports and fitness activities, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and stay off junk food. He also offers heart-related information through quizzes and interactive games. The World Heart Federation (WHF) encourages people to make use of the campaign material, available in PDF format, and spread the message.

The WHF has consistently been come up with engaging WHD promotional campaigns. The organisation made a catchy video in 2009 based on that year’s theme: “Work With Heart”. Illustrating how moving the feet, through simple and easy activities such as dancing, walking and climbing the stairs, can go a long way in protecting the heart, the video showed the feet of people move in rhythm to music, primarily percussion beats.

Other organisations and many individuals appeared to have taken the cue from WHF. In 2011, singers Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan, sitarist Anoushka Shankar and composer Shamir Tandon came together for Aaram Se (also known as ‘The Calm Song’) a WHD song that urges people to take it easy and guard their hearts.


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