Motorists should have their eyesight examined regularly - every two years after the age of 40, advised the Berlin-based Good Vision Board (KGS). About one in three motorists have inadequate vision and approximately seven per cent of all traffic accidents are due to poor vision, it said.

The KGS noted that only motorists with good vision were able to assess, and hence react to, traffic situations properly. Those unable to read the licence plate of a car about 30 metres ahead of them or who cannot read a highway exit sign that is more than 50 metres away, should have their eyesight examined by a specialist, the KGS said.

It also recommended vision tests for motorists who felt unsure of themselves when driving in twilight or at night, or who were blinded more than previously by oncoming traffic at night.

The KGS is an independent, Germany-wide initiative dedicated to educating the public about eyesight.