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Updated: December 21, 2009 18:31 IST

When the child can't sleep

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When it comes to adenoids amongst children, surgery is an extreme option for its treatment


I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos' thyroiditis and now on Eltroxin medication for the past nine years. Though the levels of thyroid examined through blood tests show normal levels I continue to have the symptoms. My physician says that it continues to be hypothyroidism.


In spite of supplementation there are situations wherein the required thyroid hormones though sufficiently found in circulation are not utilised by the cells and tissues of the body and this disturbed metabolism continues in the form of hypothyroidism. Homoeopathic medicine has remedies like Iodum, Selenium, Lycopodium which help in bridging this area and helping in the thyroid hormones being utilised by the body appropriately.

Lichen planus

I have always been suffering with itching in the lower limbs and now on the hands that seems to be spreading to the groins etc. There is a thick, dark, discolored patch at the site of the condition. Can Homeopathy help Lichen planus?


Lichen planus is an auto-immune condition in the sense that though it is not like an allergy or an infection; body responds to some unknown stimuli or stress and manifests in the form of a skin condition as explained by you. Homoeopathic medicine has remedies like Acid nit, Sarsaparilla, Sulph, Natrum mur etc. which can relieve the distress of itching etc. and see that such lesions do not recur.


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