It’s easiest to get a healthy and relaxing night of sleep if you end your day peacefully.

“Always avoid strenuous activities, stress, frustration or excitement just before bedtime,” says Heike Hofmann of the German Academy for Prevention and Health Management/BSA Academy in the western German city of Saarbruecken.

She recommends paying attention to one’s diet, and having smaller and lighter meals just before bedtime. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol and caffeine in the evening.

The layout of one’s bedroom also plays a role. It should be set up to promote sleep, says the psychologist and lecturer. That means the bed should only be used for sleeping; not smoking, eating, drinking or watching TV.

“Ban everything from your bedroom that disturbs you, like a ticking clock or things that remind you of your job or everyday stress,” she says.

Additionally, one should only go to bed when one is really tired.

“And try to get as regular a sleep-wake rhythm as possible.”

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