People with type 2 diabetes can dramatically improve their blood sugar level through regular sports activities, according to Professor Daniel Koenig from the German Association for Sports Medicine and Prevention.

He cited a number of studies which said actively performing sports four to five times a week between 45 and 60 minutes can achieve results comparable to taking medication.

Daniel Koenig said being overweight and not participating in enough activity are two of the main reasons why diabetes occurs. Sports also help to improve the insulin resistance of muscle cells for 48 hours.

That means the body can better absorb sugar as the blood sugar level sinks. That’s also why those individuals should not go longer than two days without sports activity.

The doctor from the Freiburg university clinic also suggests strength training at least three times a week besides endurance workouts. All of the main muscle groups should be worked out with eight to 10 reps, though not with a full load. Before diabetes patients start participating in sports, they should first consult a doctor.


Walk away the sugarNovember 10, 2012

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