Working a lot on a computer or engaging in forms of sport that exercise one side of the body can increase the chance of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in the wrist. A wrist splint, taking breaks and avoiding bad positioning can prevent CTS, according to Oliver Kastrup from Germany’s Society of Neurology.

Kastrup recommends using an ergonomic keyboard and a mouse that is the right size for your hand. Shaking the hands, spreading fingers apart and forming a fist can help hands relax as well as give them strength.

CTS begins with a slight tingling or numb feeling in the hand, especially in the thumb, index and middle fingers. Symptoms often occur at night. As the syndrome develops it can go on to affect the shoulder and neck regions.

Overexertion or partial weight-bearing on a nerve in the wrist can cause CTS, according to Kastrup. If it’s diagnosed early the chances of a cure are good. In most cases symptoms can be eased simply by resting the affected wrist.

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