A heart attack is a condition which arises when the blood vessels supplying to the heart are blocked at certain areas and the area beyond is devoid of nutrition and loses its function. But just because a small area stops functioning, it does not mean an end of life as the remaining heart muscles take up the challenge to keep the heart pumping out blood to various parts of the body, albeit taking a little stress. So it is equally important to ensure that further deterioration of the heart condition does not happen.

Causes for attacks

The usual reasons for heart attack are high blood pressures, increased lipid levels in the blood, diabetes and so on, as well as bad lifestyle habits like lack of exercise, unrestrained food habits, smoking and excessive alcohol intake which make an individual more prone to the condition. Obesity is a common precipitating factor too. These reasons can cause a second attack too and it is important that they are addressed appropriately to prevent recurrence. The probability of an attack is more in those who have already experienced one but if one can improve the quantum of physical activity when compared to before and avoid missing out on medication, the probability becomes that much less.

Anxiety and depression are features that predominate an attack but if millions are surviving and living purposeful lives after a setback should give one confidence to live more happily. Only strenuous exercises are to be avoided and it also depends on how much of muscle tissue was affected during an attack. Returning to work has to happen in stages and one should realise the need to rest if they feel tired. Driving along stressful locations, long journeys and along the rush hour should be refrained from. Since salt has a deleterious effect on the blood pressure, its intake needs to be reduced. Choosing foods with low saturated foods will help in keeping the lipid levels at normal limits. Eating more of grains, vegetables and other high fibre foods will be useful.

Homoeopathic medicine has a role to play in rejuvenation, restoration and prevention. Remedies like Rauwolfia, Arjuna, Glonine help in keeping the blood pressure levels normal while Insulinum, Gymnema syvlvestra help in seeing that glucose tolerance is improved. Baryta mur, Baryta carb help in seeing that the blood vessels of the body are in a better shape so that deposition of lipids does not happen that easily while Viscum album helps in seeing that there is no further increase in lipid deposits along the course. Strophanthus helps in strengthening the heart muscle's action.

But if one experiences difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate and discomfort in chest with a feeling of illness or malaise one should seek medical help without fail.


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Q: My child has contracted scabies at school and unwittingly the other family members of our house have got affected. It seems to be stubborn with itching. – ABC

A: Self care at home by washing the linen separately of the individuals affected and unaffected is important. Cut fingernails thoroughly. Vacuuming of the rugs, bedding and furniture will ward off as many mites as possible. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Antim crud, Sulph which can get rid of the infection with proper lifestyle changes.

Fallopian tube problem

Q: I have been married for five years, conceived on one occasion but aborted within the first three months though no cause was found. I have not been able to conceive now for the past three years and after investigations it was found that the fallopian tube was blocked. The endometrium is also supposedly not thick enough. – ABC

A: Proper ovulation, appropriate thickness of the endometrium and a health sperm are the prerequisite for conception. Homeopathic medicine has good remedies like Sabina, Thuja Ac. Nit etc. to treat infections, blockages and improving the endometrial thickness.