The skin has many functions. Winter is that part of the year when the moisture of the skin is robbed and there is a dry and itchiness of the exposed parts of the skin of the body. Hiding the skin isn’t the soluntion so it has to be replenished.

Taking a shower with lukewarm water by gently rubbing it is good enough to keep the skin clean. The better time to apply moisturiser is after a bath when the pores are open and are likely to lock in the moisture and retain it for a longer period of time.

Ageing also can make the skin parched as the hormones that help retain the freshness of the skin. A fabric or a detergent can be an irritant and those need to be identified so that the skin is not meddled with often.

But inspite of taking such basic steps if the skin does remain dry and itchy it has to be considered whether one is prone to condition like atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

One has to also consider whether a underactive thyroid gland or diabetes is calling the shots and bringing down the suppleness of the skin lining. Once the cause is identified; homeopathic remedies can be suggested accordingly. Remedies like Petroleum, Alumina help the skin retain its texture that is worried by the cold of winter. Sarsaparilla is another remedy which helps along with Sulph, Xerophyllum, Kali mur etc. where there is dryness of skin associated with itching. Homeopathic herb of Calendula with Aloevera is useful in keeping up the moisture of the skin.

Intermenstrual bleeding

I have periods regularly but have a problem of spotting in between periods that could again last for a few days. There is also a heavy bleeding with clots every period.

The inner lining of the uterus i.e. the endometrium which is shed off every period could be inordinately swollen than usual or there could be an imbalance of hormones during the course of the month which causes the bleeding. Remedies like Bovista, Ac nit, Kreosote help in correcting the imbalance when the cause is ascertained. Consult your nearest homoeopath.