A new surgical technique using glue speeds up recovery time after repair of chest bones, cut during heart surgery, and is substantially less painful for patients, doctors have said.

According to Sunil Kapoor, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Care Hospital, the normal practice is to sew (stitch) the breastbone back together with wire after open heart surgery. The procedure takes weeks to heal and often requires strong pain medications.

The new procedure uses a special adhesive called kryptonite, made by a group of doctors in Connecticut, USA.

A study in the US involving over 20 patients found that people whose chest was glued together using this adhesive were able to get back to full physical activity within days instead of the weeks, he said.

Over one million open heart surgeries are performed in the world each year by splitting the breastbone.

The study also found the pain and discomfort were substantially reduced by using this procedure. The use of pain killers was reduced if not completely eliminated, Kapoor said.

Kapoor said kryptonite is likely to be available shortly in Hyderabad and other parts of India as the Care Hospital is coordinating with the medical facilities in the USA and Europe for its shipment.