Eat food that is healthy and pure for a fitter you

In Honolulu, recently to finish my Exercise Coach certification with the Paul Chek Institute, the course material on cancer that I read was alarming. Cancer research has thrown up alarming figures, with the risk of cancer going up every decade despite medical advances.

Nutrition and health have to be re-defined in the modern world for in spite of the thousands of books written on them, more people are obese and unhealthy today.

My suggestion would be to go organic. Is your refrigerator full of processed foods? Processing means keeping alive dead products; and this entails chemical changes. The basic principle of living in harmony with Mother Nature is today totally forgotten; the common man is a guinea pig in this big bad world of toxic garbage. He is the bin where all this waste is stored, eventually resulting in adrenal fatigue, premature aging, musculo-skeletal dysfunctions, leaky gut syndrome, hormonal imbalance and finally disease and death.

Children are exposed to a lot of inorganic food and this affects them as evident in the premature attainment of puberty among young girls. Scientists now are finding the link between inorganic food and many health conditions. So if you are a loving parent start organic food from your next meal.

(The author is CSCS (NSCA), C.H.E.K. and expert trainer)

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