Here’s some good news for tea lovers! Drinking the beverage, and lots of it, is just as good as downing water at keeping one hydrated on a hot summer day, a new study has claimed.

Researchers have carried out the study and busted the myth that tea is a diuretic - in fact, they found that it doesn’t bother one’s bladder any more than plain water, the ’Daily Mail’ reported.

“If you fancy a cup of tea on a hot summer’s day, have it. A cup of tea is going to give you the same hydration as a glass of water,” lead researcher Carrie Ruxton was quoted as saying.

The researchers asked 21 men to drink mugs of tea over a 12-hour period, or a similar amount of plain, warm water. On another day, the tea-drinkers were given water and vice versa.

Blood samples were taken and the men’s urine was collected and tested. The men did not pass any more water when drinking tea and may even have passed slightly less. There was also little difference in levels of sodium and other salts.

Dr. Ruxton said, “It’s a common misconception that drinking tea can increase the risk of dehydration because of the caffeine content. But this new study proves that there is absolutely no truth behind the theory.”

“Drinking moderate amounts of tea - four mugs a day - offered the same excellent hydration qualities as plain water. In addition, urine volume was similar after tea or water, confirming that we do not urinate more after drinking tea.” Dr. Ruxton said

“Not only is a mug of tea refreshing and delicious, it can be an important part of maintaining proper hydration.” Dr. Ruxton added.

Dr. Catherine Hood, of the Tea Advisory Panel, which funded the research, said, “Tea drinkers can be reassured that their favourite cuppa can count towards their fluid intake without the risk of dehydration.”

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