The purple and red variety carrots are as rich in nutrition as orange ones, a review from Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety claims.

The review briefs the greatest benefits of this food are the phytochemical content and fiber. Carotenoids are compounds that are responsible for the multi-hues of carrots ranging from yellow to orange and red. Anthocyanins give the purple carrots their bluish-red hue.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin - Madison suggest that red carrots provide the antioxidant lycopene. Yellow carrots may serve as an alternative bioavailable source of lutein. Dark orange carrots have more concentrated beta carotene which might assist people who are at risk for vitamin A deficiency. And, purple carrots have similar bioavailability of beta carotene as orange carrots.

Lead author Sara Arscott said, “Understanding the bioavailability of carrots nutrients will help researchers determine how to best help a population in need.” The review concluded that carrots have an impact on overall health and disease prevention including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and satiety.

The Institute of Food Technologists has published the review.


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