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A sensible diet ensures a healthy pregnancy
A sensible diet ensures a healthy pregnancy

You are not eating for two

Be sensible about your diet and you can sail through your pregnancy, say doctors »

Food for thought

A healthy diet and lifestyle can stave off memory loss. »
Be Safe: Avoid cut fruits on the roadside. Photo: K. R. Deepak

Look before you eat

More than just what vegetables and fruits we consume, it’s important to know how and when we eat them. Carelessness can lead to food poisoning » 4 comments
Pour some honey on it. Photo: V Sreenivasa Murthy

Hey honey!

Once used by the ancient Egyptians to anoint their gods, honey has a long history of healing and medicinal properties that have been documented in cultures and holistic practices across the world. But... » 1 comment
Soujanya of Soup and Salads assembled this salad

The last leaf ?

The salad has undergone a sea change. The salad bowl is moving beyond leaves and sliced vegetables to offer an attractive and nutritious feast »