Supported Kati Chakrasana (half wheel posture)
The Hindu Supported Kati Chakrasana (half wheel posture)
melange: Yoga on the move

Having trouble letting go?

Constipation is a topic that very few people like to talk about. Irregular bowel movements, hard stools, pain and struggle during evacuation and abdominal discomfort are the most obvious symptoms... »
Children raised on
sorghum have different
gut microbes. Photo: T. Vijaya Kumar Speaking Science

“You are what you eat” — are you?

About 70 years ago when the biologist J.B.S. Haldane was asked which would be God’s favourite life form, he said “beetles,” since there are far more beetles in the world than people. Were he alive... »
A sensible diet ensures a healthy pregnancy

You are not eating for two

Be sensible about your diet and you can sail through your pregnancy, say doctors »

Food for thought

A healthy diet and lifestyle can stave off memory loss. »
Be Safe: Avoid cut fruits on the roadside. Photo: K. R. Deepak

Look before you eat

More than just what vegetables and fruits we consume, it’s important to know how and when we eat them. Carelessness can lead to food poisoning » 4 comments