It is common knowledge that one of the usual emergencies that involve surgical procedures with the surgeon running into a canter is due to appendicitis. It is also one of the prime suspects for a patient complaining with a pain in the abdomen and is promptly ruled out by expertise before moving on to the probable diagnosis.

Appendix is a vestigial organ in the body that has remained even though evolution has managed to get rid of many such unnecessary organs. For some reason appendix has remained and for whatever reason it needs to get removed from the body it has not been missed later in life. It is a small pouch like structure in the large intestine in the right lower area of the abdomen before the convoluting pipe forms into the rectum. This pouch is a small finger like area and drains without much fuss mainly of the mucus that is likely to form in it. More often than not there is no entry or exit of the products of the digestion into the appendix and does not seem to participate actively in the process. But in some situations for some unknown reason the mucus does not drain out and remains in the appendix and becomes a source of fodder to the bacteria traversing incidentally. It can lead to a bacterial infection that is the cause for inflammation when appendicitis sets in. The fear with the scenario is that the living on the edge, appendix can break out releasing the infected particles into the abdomen causing a condition called as peritonitis that can lead to shock and unfortunate consequences.

Fever, nausea and vomiting are the usual symptoms that accompany the abdominal pain which is the main indication of the problem. What is paramount in a patient who has a complaint of abdominal pain is to rule out other probable causes of the pain. A patient with appendicitis has pain on slightest movement, even on coughing or taking a deep breath. It seems to start around the navel region and spreads to the right lower abdomen. The pain gets worse even while trying to lift or move the right lower limb inwards or upwards and it gets worse even on pressure in the left side of the abdomen the pain is felt in the right lower abdominal area. There are other conditions wherein the abdominal pain is worse. Even a urinary infection or a formation of stone in the urinary tract, acute intestinal infections, conditions like endometriosis in women or a misplaced fertilized ovum finding its way into the fallopian tube can all cause severe pain in the abdomen.

Inflammation of pancreas, liver, chronic diseases of the digestive tract like Crohn's disease, cysts in ovaries are the other usual suspects that can cause severe abdominal pain that your physician would rule out before a confirmation of appendicitis is done.

If there is no formation of pus in the appendix and if the inflammation is still only in the surging state and by considering other factors like the white blood cell count, other investigations, homoeopathic medicine is administered. Ars alb, Pyrogenum, Phos, Baptisia, Berb vulg, Sarsaparilla, Mag phos, Colocynth come into play that can abort the process of inflammation and infection. To see that more often than not surgeon's knife is not warranted, homoeopathic medicine is the safe option.

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