Directors and alumni of all the IITs have proposed a virtual centre at the campus here for Climate Change Science which would co-ordinate work of all environment-related faculty across these premier institutions.

At a round table hosted here last week-end, scientists and engineers explored how to channelise the knowledge and technology-management capabilities of IIT Alumni in addressing developmental solutions through low-carbon, climate-resilient societies and proposed a virtual centre at IIT-B.

A model for such a PAN-IIT effort is the Ganga River Basin Management Plan project which is currently underway, IIT-B Director Devang Khakhar said.

“IIT Alumni efforts to bring in their networking and group efforts to support programmes in the IITs will be of great benefit. Proposal of a virtual centre at IIT Bombay for climate change science which would coordinate work of all environment related faculty across IITs and drive a holistic approach,” he said.

“A crisis (climate change) harbours opportunities. We can seize the opportunities to develop new business models and to set the economy on the alternative path of low carbon and climate resilient development,” Director at United Nations Environment Programme and an IIT Alumni Rajendra Shende said.

“While solving climate puzzle, it is becoming more and more evident that economy and environment are on the same side of the game,” Mr. Shende said.

IITs can provide a knowledge management forum to identify and debate technology, policy, finance, and communication and education issues. It could also showcase emerging solutions, Mr. Shende said.