Computer users can save energy and money with the right computer settings for standby and hibernate.

Computers should be configured to automatically switch off their display after 15 minutes of idle time, according to the Saxony Consumer Agency in Leipzig, Germany.

No longer than 20 minutes later, they should change into standby mode, followed by hibernate mode after 40 minutes, which saves even more energy.

Notebooks in battery operation should be configured to turn off the display after just 5 minutes, change into standby mode after 10 minutes, and hibernate after 20 minutes. Under Windows, the settings are made in the Power Options menu, which is located at Start, Control Panel.

Even cutting down on search engine use can help save some energy and protect the environment. A single Google search is said to consume about as much energy as a four-watt low-energy light bulb in an hour.

Given this information, surfers should bookmark frequently used webpages and access them this way rather than calling them up via a search engine.