Two tigers at Pirkhali forests have been fitted with radio collars to study their behaviour and to keep track of their whereabouts in Sunderbans, the world’s only mangrove eco-system which has big cats.

Eight more felines would be trapped and radio-collared, Field Director of Sundarbans Tiger Reserve (STR) Subrat Mukherjee told PTI.

“A tigress was caught on Saturday night in Pirkhali jungle near Dobanki-Naubanki river in a trapping cage,” he said. She was transferred to another cage with a lot of difficulty as a male tiger kept lingering during this mating season. The tiger was later tranquilised and both were radio-collared for release in the forest on Monday, he said.

Officials of STR captured the wild cats and researchers from Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India were present.

On February 24, a tigress which strayed out of the mangrove jungle and injured a housewife at Gosaba was radio-collared and released in the dense forest.