The Jim Corbett National Park administration has prepared an elaborate plan for conservation of tigers.

Under the plan, the focus has been laid on safety, increasing bio-diversity, rehabilitation of hog deer and regulation of tourist activities, said park director Ranjan Kumar Mishra.

The park, home to over 200 tigers, would first prepare a list of big cats and then take precautionary measures for their safety and security, he said.

After ascertaining the density of tigers, a specific variety of grass would be grown so that herbivores like hog deer, which are natural preys of tigers, can sustain in good numbers and wildcats can also get their natural food, Mr. Mishra said.

At present, Lantana and other weeds have covered nearly 40 per cent of the area of the park, he said, adding, these would be replaced with grass.

Besides, tourist activities would also be regulated in and around the park area so that the environment can be protected.

By adopting these measures, the park administration expects not only to conserve the tigers but also increase their numbers, he said.