India has said it was under pressure from some developing nations to accept the Copenhagen Accord prepared at the U.N. meet on climate change last month at the Danish Capital.

“During the last day of the summit (December 18, 2009) when the talks had reached an impasse, it was the intention of European Nations and the U.S. to announce the breakdown and hold the four Basic nations (India, China, Brazil and South Africa) accountable for its failure,” Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said addressing the Aspen Institute of India recently.

Speaking about the talks on the concluding day of the Summit, he said the U.S. President (Barack Obama) kept on saying to the head of state of Bangladesh and Maldives that “you are not going to get money (for climate steps) unless these four guys (BASIC nations) sign the Accord.”

“He (Mr. Obama) made it categorically clear that any money flow to the developing countries will be linked to the Accord provided the four countries of BASIC group come on board,” Mr. Ramesh said.

“Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did ask me whether India will deny her country this money. This was the line taken by UK and Australia as well.

“Against this background, none of the heads of the four states wanted to be responsible for the breakdown of the talks. China was particularly wary being world’s largest green house gas emitter,” Mr. Ramesh recalled.

“This was the moral line taken at the summit and against this background the Accord was noted,” he added.