The Like-Minded Developing Countries, which includes India and China, on Friday evening, accused the EU climate commissioner Connie Heiddegard of damaging the negotiations by going out to the media to make accusations against their stance.

Venezuela’s negotiator Claudia Salerno speaking on behalf of the group said, “It is totally unacceptable that the head of the EU tried to conduct negotiations by starting a blame game through media and pointing fingers at our group…by going to the media and attacking negotiating partners the EU chief is responsible for damaging seriously the atmosphere of confidence and trust”

“We are forced to answer her accusations to the media, because of the serious allegations she has made. If this process is damaged on this last day because of the incredible outburst by Connie Hedegaard, she has to take the responsibility of damaging this conference…she’s already damaged one conference,” she added.

LMDC countries accused the commissioner personally of going out to tell journalists that the developing countries were against the idea of equity. Inside the negotiations too India and other countries of the group had sharpened their words accusing EU of preaching and twisting the meaning of a term which till two years ago it did not even want mentioned in the climate negotiations.