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Updated: September 6, 2011 23:02 IST

China will help further mankind's welfare: White paper

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Graphic shows China's progress in conserving energy and reducing emissions.
Graphic shows China's progress in conserving energy and reducing emissions.

China's peaceful development will manifest its global impact over time, says the white paper on China's development issued on Tuesday by the Information Office of the State Council.

The path of peaceful development is a new path of development which China, the biggest developing country in the world has embarked upon. Its success calls for both the untiring efforts of the Chinese people and understanding and support from the international community, “China' s peaceful development has broken away from the traditional pattern where a rising power was bound to seek hegemony,” says the white paper.

In modern history, some rising powers established colonies, fought for spheres of influence, and conducted military expansion against other countries. This reached climax in the 20th century, when rivalry for hegemony and military confrontation plunged mankind into the abyss of two devastating world wars. With a keen appreciation of its historical and cultural tradition of several thousand years, the nature of economic globalization, changes in international relations and the international security landscape in the 21st century as well as the common interests and values of humanity,

China has decided upon peaceful development and mutually beneficial cooperation as a fundamental way to realise its modernisation, participate in international affairs and handle international relations, it says.

The experiences of the past several decades have proved that China is correct in embarking upon this path, and there is no reason whatsoever for China to deviate from it.

“Economic globalisation and revolution in science and technology have created historical conditions for more countries to revitalise themselves by pursuing economic development and mutually beneficial cooperation, and made it possible for more developing countries to embark on the path of rapid development,” says the paper.

Because of this, the size of the world economy and the potential for development are both increasing, the international community is better positioned to resist economic and financial crises, and there is stronger impetus for reforming the international economic system.

China' s peaceful development conforms with this global trend. China is glad to support more and more developing countries in changing their destiny, and it is also glad to support the developed countries in maintaining prosperity and development, it says.

In the ever-changing world of today, all doctrines, systems, models and paths are subject to the test of the times and practice.

As national conditions vary from country to country, there is no such thing as a fixed mode of development which claims to be the only effective one and applicable to all.

A path of development is viable only when it suits the national conditions of a country.


China cannot develop itself in isolation from the rest of the world, and global prosperity and stability cannot be maintained without China. China' s achievements are inseparable from its friendly cooperation with the outside world; in pursuing development, it needs further understanding and support from the rest of the world, it says.

“We are deeply appreciative to all the countries and peoples who have shown understanding and solicitude for and given support and help to China's development,” says the white paper.

“We also hope that the international community will have confidence in the Chinese people's sincerity and determination to achieve peaceful development, and support rather than obstruct China's pursuit of peaceful development. Looking back at the past and looking ahead to the future, we are convinced that a prosperous and developing China, a democratic, harmonious and stable country under the rule of law, will make more contribution to the world. The Chinese people will make unremitting efforts together with other peoples to bring about a bright future for mankind,” says the white paper.



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