Nothing has managed to capture the entire world’s attention with quite so much effect as the selfie. Yes, it is narcissistic but despite that, you know you are still whipping out your smartphone and selfie-ing your next night out. We know this is enabling you, but what the h-e-double hockey sticks. Go nuts.


This app lets you take a photo with the back camera, a selfie with the front camera, and stitches the two together in a single image that shows both your expression and what you’re looking at. You can then post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or the app’s own feed. You can also hashtag, caption, and include @replies. Frontback founder Fred della Faille sums it up perfectly, “I feel like an emoji. Your face is the caption.”


This app-ranking chart topper converts your selfie into a cartoon. It is, allegedly, the world’s first photo-editing app that generates caricatures from photos. The resulting image is shareable on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. So now you don’t have to hound the local artist at the fair for a sketch. Word of advice — the closer you are to the camera, the more inaccurate the caricature.


This app is tailor-made for the diva in you. The power of photoshop is in your phone — erase a blemish, whiten teeth or give yourself a total makeover. You can pick a pre-designed style or personalised make up for your eyes, lips, teeth, and skin. Thin your face, widen your smile, get a nose job, change your hairstyle and go from girl-next-door to cover girl.


If you suck at the art of clicking selfies, like me, this app is a godsend. Group shots or even a picture with another person in the frame is usually a struggle because, a) I’m not that tall, and b) c’mon, how many people can I fit in the frame anyway? I ain’t no Ellen. CamMe works on hand gestures — at a distance of two to 16 feet — just lean your phone against a surface, raise and close your hand to activate the camera and boom, you’re the new selfie queen (or king) in town.


This is a great app for those who love documenting your lives. It’s like a selfie journal — reminding you to take a picture everyday or within an interval of 30 minutes, depending on what event you’re documenting. The app can then layer the pictures on a grid, even creating a video with text and music. So now you can easily record your bad hair days and compare them with that glorious haircut you got; or see how excited you were at the beginning of a trip and how exhausted at its end. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a selfie or two to take.