Varsity to release them during Krishi Mela

The University of Agricultural Sciences - Bangalore is all set to release six new crop varieties, including superfine variety of paddy and high-yielding variety of sugarcane, during the National Krishi Mela in Bangalore from November 16 to 20.

Result of research

Announcing this at a press conference in Bangalore on Friday, UAS-B Research Director H. Shivanna said the new crop varieties were a result of eight years of research by several teams of scientists.

According to Mr. Shivanna, the new varieties to be released include three paddy varieties. Of them, JGL-1798 was a superfine variety suitable for cultivation in Mandya, Tumkur, Shimoga nad Davangere districts. This variety, which is expected to be more profitable for farmers, will yield 62 to 67 quintals a hectare, he added.

The other two new varieties of paddy are KHP-11 and KHP-12, which are resistant to blast disease, are suitable for cultivation in the coastal districts.

For better yield

A high-yielding sugarcane variety titled CoVc-99463, which is suitable for cultivation in the command areas of the Cauvery river basin, will also be released. Mr. Shivanna explained that the yield of the new sugarcane variety would be 15 per cent more than that of the present varieties. While the yield is expected to be in the range of 170-180 tonnes a hectare, the sugar recovery percentage will be from 8.5 to 9.5 per cent, he added.

A new hybrid variety of castor DCH-177, which can withstand drought, will be promoted as an alternative crop to groundnut in the dry areas of Tumkur district, including Pavagada. This three-to-five-month crop would yield 15.75 quintals of seeds per hectare and could get fetch good income to farmers as the castor prices are ruling around Rs. 4,000 a quintal, he said.

Fodder sorghum

The sixth new variety is fodder sorghum titled CoFS-29, recommended for cultivation in southern Karnataka, to support dairy farming.