For successfull Kharif onion nursery production, during heavy rains the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, Nashik has developed a technology for Kharif onion production through bulblets.


Bulblets raised from varieties like Agrifound Dark Red, Baswant-780, N-53 and Arka Kalyan during summer season are used for planting. The width of nursery bed should be 0.60 metre and length can be at 3-4 metres as per convenience.

Surface of beds should be smooth and well levelled. The bulblets should be treated with thiram at 2 gm/kg of seed for control of damping off disease.

The nursery should also be treated with thiram or captan at 4-5 g/sq. mt. area. Nursery bed should be irrigated at 15-20 days before sowing and covered with 250 gauge transparent polythene for soil solarization.

Bulblets are sown on raised beds or in flat beds depending upon the soil by following the broadcasting method. Best time of planting the bulblets is first fortnight of January to early February depending upon the weather condition of the area. Planting on raised beds or on both sides of ridges in BBF (Broad Band Furrow) system is recommended for better bulb development and yield. Best time of planting July-August in Maharashtra and August in northern parts of country. Planting of oversize bulblets reduces the quality of produce.

Dipping the bulblets in fungicide carbendazin at 0.1 per cent and insecticide monocrotophos at 0.1 per cent solution before planting helps in better establishment of bulblets.


Planting should be done at 10 cm from line to line and 10 cm from plant to plant that is, 10 x 10 cm spacing is recommended.

About 100 kg N, 50 kg P and 50 kg K is required for one hectare. Use of stomp at 3.5 lit/ha or goal at 0.15 kg /ha applied 3 days after sprouting of bulbs in field plus one hand weeding at 35-40 days give better results. Spraying cytozyme at 0.2 per cent at 15 and 45 days after planting was found effective.

(R. K. Singh, Assistant Director, email: Mobile: 09881303443 and R.P. Gupta, Director, mobile: 09850880668, NHRDF, Chitegaon Phata, Post-Darna Sangavi, Nashik, 422 003, Maharashtra.)