Innovation has been the foundation of civilization and civilization is constantly influenced by new developments.

“In our country with a long tradition in fisheries and aquaculture, fisheries and fish farmers have innovated a number of techniques and technologies and continue to innovate to sustain their livelihoods,” says M.C.Nandeesha, Dean, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

With a view to harnessing the innovative potential of people at the grass root level, an initiative has been undertaken by conducting a nationwide essay competition for fishers and fish farmers.


The objectives are: to document significant innovations made by fishers and fish farmers in fisheries and aquaculture. Recognize innovators and strengthen partnerships between fishers, fish farmers and development professionals and scientists.

Increase awareness on the benefits of farmer participatory research in innovation as well as in extension with a view to increase fish production

The competition is open to fishers and fish farmers from all parts of the country. The innovations have to be described with all details supported with drawings, pictures, etc.

Farmers can take assistance of others in providing description, if necessary. Essays can be written in any language with which the farmer is comfortable. Inclusion of an english translation is preferable but not mandatory. Last date for submission is February 29.

Last date

The best innovators, selected by a panel of judges with interest in farmers innovation, will be awarded three prizes: First: Rs.25,000, second: Rs.15,000 and third Rs.10,000.

In addition, best entries would be chosen for inclusion in a special publication to be brought out under the title “Farmers as scientists: examples from Indian fisheries and aquaculture”.

Further based on the levels of partnership additional plans to expose innovators to the best innovations around the world would be explored.

For further queries and submission of essays, please contact : Dr.D.Sukumar, Co-ordinator, farmer/fishers innovation documentation (FID), email :, Tuticorin: 628008, mobile: 9443844820 Tamil Nadu. "We are seeking, partnership to make this initiative a national movement. Those interested to join can email us at Dean, at and, Phone: 0461-2340154, mobile: 9442551957 adds Mr. Nandeesha.