The first SMS based irrigation system for distribution of water will be implemented in Malampuzha Dam. The Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of Kerala Ajay Kumar told The Hindu here on Saturday that the State will implement the SMS based irrigation system as a pilot project in Malampuzha irrigation scheme, the biggest irrigation project in the State.

Portal for dams

In this project, it is proposed to host a portal for dams for the irrigation department and the data collected at the dam site are updated to the portal directly from the location.

The information related to the dam can be provided to the farmers, department and government, he said.

The scope of the project is to develop an integrated system as information delivery tool to the citizen, farmers in particular and decision-making body of the department.

The project would aim at the collection and maintenance of the details of water level at periodic intervals; maintenance of opening of the canals; updation of change in distribution etc, Dr. Ajay Kumar said.

The farmers will be provided information through SMS both in Pull and Push Mode like the availability of water in the Dam (In Volume); next opening schedule of shutters; the Schedule of opening of shutters at any particular day etc.

Alert services

The following alert services also can be provided through SMS Alert and e-mail: Natural calamities for registered users; change in distribution to registered users; service delivery;

water availability; schedules of opening and closing of shutters; emergency alerts; warning notification etc.

The information can be provided through the following services.

SMS Pull Services: In this service the farmer has to send an SMS to a pre-designated number in the following format SMS WATER, the system will reply “Malamphuzha Dam: water availability as on 6:00 am on date in Cubic Feet”

SMS Alerts Push Service: Registered mobile users will receive alerts as to when the dam shutters will be opened -

e-mail Alerts: Alternate medium of information dissemination for the web-users.

Reservoir information portal: A reservoir information portal is also planned as part of the pilot project system, Dr. Ajay Kumar said.