In the recent annual Institute Research Committee meeting of Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), Kozhikode, new technologies suitable for spice growers were identified.

In the technology transfer session new and promising technologies were discussed with representatives of Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Spices Board, Kochi, Directorate of Arecanut and Spices, Kozhikode and Department of Agriculture, Kerala and recommended for spices growers. The details of the recommended technologies are as follows:

High yielders

A high yielding cardamom hybrid with average yields of 985 kg/ha has been identified. The hybrid was evolved by crossing high yielding local cultivar with ‘katte’ virus resistant variety.

A novel transplanting technique in ginger by using single bud sprouts (about 5 g) has been standardized. The technique involves raising transplants from single sprout seed rhizomes in pro-trays and planting in the field after 30 days.

The advantages of this technology are production of healthy planting materials and reduction in seed rhizome quantity and eventually reduced cost on seeds. The cost of production is 70 paise.

Potting medium

Partially composted coir pith and vermicompost (75:25) enriched with trichoderma (in talc form) is an ideal potting medium for black pepper nursery for healthy planting material production using plug-trays. The cost of production is Rs. 6.50 paise/plant.

Application of dried coconut leaves as mulch in ginger beds after removing the petiole at the time of planting enhanced yield by 10 per cent. Application of paddy straw in ginger beds at the time of planting + green leaves recorded 36 per cent increased yield compared to recommended green leaf mulch application.

Drenching with carbosulfan 0.1 per cent at 50 ml /poly bag containing 1.5 kg potting mixture is recommended for plant parasitic nematodes in black pepper rooted cuttings in the nursery.

(Dr.T. John Zachariah, Head Division of Crop Production& PHT, Indian Institute of Spices Research, Marikunnu, Calicut-673012, Kerala, Ph; 0495-2731410, Fax: 2731187, mob:9446071410.)