It has been declared by politicians cutting across party lines that the country is reeling under the worst drought in decades. But not one has emphasised on the measures to mitigate the same in the long run. Talk of cultivation of drought resistant/tolerant crops and improvising the varieties is heard only during a crisis and forgotten soon after. The trees that create a suitable climate for condensation continue to get cut. Mountains and hills that offer physical obstruction to the moving clouds thereby forcing precipitation continue to get corroded in the name of development.

Despite a steady decline in rainfall, increasing temperatures, reduced availability of potable water and fodder and a declining watertable, our apathy prevents us from acting on most simple things that have a substantial impact on the ecosystem.

In spite of the full knowledge about the damage we are causing to the environment, we scarcely react due to condemnable recklessness. Time and again, we prove that illiterate or partially literate tribals are superior in integrating themselves with the surroundings they live in and sustaining the health of their habitat. Every town or city welcomes you with a garbage dump on its outskirts that overflows with plastic, standing testimony to the extent of the poisoning of atmosphere.

Every individual can plant a tree in his back/front yard and nurture it during his lifetime to compensate the wide spread loss of vegetation. We can make a soak pit on our own premises, be it home or office, and collect substantial rain water to effectively recharge the fast depleting water table. We can minimise the usage of wooden based furniture and conserve precious forests. Switch off all the electric appliances when not in use to save energy and start using energy saving devices.

Let us use common transport and keep our vehicles fit to reduce atmospheric pollution. Avoid plastic as it has already choked our living space, recycle and re-use paper, water, etc. Let us not waste time any further, but put our act together so that we make an attempt to moderate the ongoing damage; or else, we will face the worst and unpredictable future living conditions.

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