Peter Seeger (May 3, 1919-Jan. 27, 2014) The American musician, songwriter, folk singer and activist, will be missed

In your hands the Banjo became

An instrument of liberation.

When you sang in that melodious voice

That mixed honey with thunder;

People marched to the beat of their hearts.

Your songs told stories, everybody forgot

Of the tired worker

Of the angry peasant

The angry soldier in napalm land

And the disgruntled man in the street.

Silence rumbled in your voice

A silence that was imposed for ages.

A silence that needed an expression.

You spoke of the flowers

crushed by the boots of war.

And your songs hammered in

Many a dusty mornings

That came after long depressing nights.

You sang of the tiny lamp that burns

Inside all of us,

And of our will to overcome.

Pete Seeger you will live

Till that rebel inside us

Breathes free.

For you were always a wake-up call

For our conscience,

A voice for humanity.

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