Following rules is passé now! We don’t want discipline, we don’t take instructions, and we don’t like advice. Am I right? We love to venture into the dark, grapple with the evil demons out there, hang around the wrong places with the wrong crowd and then make a hue and cry when the devil pounces on us. What else do you call a mob which tosses a helpless, young girl like a piece of rag, if not devils? Are you there? On the Guwahati case, in which a teenaged girl was publicly grabbed and molested by a group of over 20 persons, a plethora of articles have been written. Rather than repeating the sordid episode and pointing fingers, we have got to tell society, especially women:

•how to avoid such horror.

•and how such culprits should be punished.

Having said that, should we also not look into the aspects of our being ‘open’ to evil?

I am not writing something new, though Madhya Pradesh Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya has already said women should dress in a dignified manner to avoid such incidents, and there has been scathing attacks on him. I’m not defending him, true he might be. The lack of law and order and delayed police action have all been discussed much; however, what happened in Guwahati is no isolated incident.

Such ‘horror’ happens everywhere but only a few have been publicised like this one because a journalist caught it on camera and loads of people uploaded it on the Youtube. How could the journalist take an angle-to-angle shot of the horrendous, unspeakable incident? This is something that has also been talked of and condemned. Nothing can be gorier.

The eerie attack on the teenager on July 9 could have been avoided had:

•she not ventured into a pub in the night;

•and had she also worn appropriate clothes for a birthday party.

I know I would be pelted with stones and an avalanche of harsh criticism would follow for blaming the girl now and not reprimanding the unruly mob. Hey, please understand that these kinds of ‘demons’ molesting women are everywhere; it is women’s wisdom not to venture anywhere near their evil domain. I know there would be vociferous voices that “we need freedom for women!”

Freedom for what? Freedom to roam the streets at night and visit pubs? I am the mother of a teenaged daughter with tremendous pain in my heart. Come on friends, would the Guwahati girl’s parents have gladly sent her to the pub that night? Youngsters rebel and defy the elders because they feel, ‘elders are out to find fault.’

Never! Caution is always better. Flee from evil! Don’t wag your tail and get close to evil in the name of freedom: there are tons of other things you can do to showcase your spirit of liberty. Youngsters have failed to draw a line between adventure and stupidity. Are you listening, young people? Don’t come charging at me with your gun as yet; I have more to talk. I am in no mood to blame the government, police or the girl……much of finger-pointing has been done already; but all I want to say is be cautious henceforth.

There is a sinister, sadistic, salacious desire in the heart of the wicked society to watch such sexual assaults and gratify its lustful cravings. Thanks to the hot movies produced today with spicy item numbers that have infused toxic content in the minds of people.

Therefore, stop venturing into the domain of the devil.

(The writer is the principal of a free school run for abandoned children and can be reached on

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