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Science tells us what is, and not what ought to be

There is not even one field of science that has finished its work conclusively. We still have a long way to go before knowing whether God exists or not.

Man has not invented God but He is the logical deduction of a rational mind. Science has no equation to prove that God does not exist. How come some scientists believe in something they cannot prove and call themselves more rational? By the way, science is discovering how the universe works, it is not inventing it. Who or what invented it in the first place is still a profound mystery. Scientists would be jobless if it were not for the remarkable consistency and stability of the laws and forces of physics — a baffling property of the universe which makes all technology possible. Imagine the chaos when gravity is there on Mondays and not on Fridays. In fact, the universe came out of nothing in the Big Bang. If one does not think that is a miracle, I wonder what else counts as one. More important, science is not a finished business. There is not even one field of science that has finished its work conclusively. We still have a long way to go before knowing whether God exists or not. Therefore, let us remember with a caveat that half-knowledge is dangerous.

Blaming religion for all the violence in the world is not knowing history. The two World Wars had nothing to do with religion, yet together they have brought more suffering than all the history of mankind. You cannot blame religion because of a few misguided individuals and do away with it. It is like removing road rules because a few idiots have gone on the wrong side of the road. Please don’t blame the constitution because of a few outlaws.

It is wishful thinking to say that the post-theistic society will be a bliss. If one is counting on evolutionary condition for one’s morality, what will happen if there is a catastrophic mutation which makes everyone violent? Will that be the new ‘Good’? It is even more catastrophic to believe that we have the capacity to decide what is good or bad. How can we trust our brains which, according to the evolutionary theory, are a chance conglomeration of atoms?

Science tells us what is, and NOT what ought to be. That is the province of religion.

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