I am twenty-five.

High on hopes and


Yet never spared of

My share in pains and rains.

I now wish not for wings,

As I used to in the past.

I now wish,

At least someday in the future

We shall be capable to nurture

Our hard-earned Democracy

And the true spirit it enshrines.

To be able to listen

To be able to reason

To be able to pardon

To be able to condemn -

All this with deserved


In the interest of the


Unprejudiced, Never partisan.

To be able to think

To be able to appreciate

To be able to criticise

To be able to exercise

Our own judgment & discretion

Guided by reason & information.

To stay strong despite loud propaganda,

In favour of the nation's welfare agenda.

Because like the old Zen adage

That the master appears only

When the student is ready.

Maybe the promise of democracy

Is awaiting to be fulfilled only

By conscious participation of

“a deserving citizenry”!

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