A toddler with a gun at play

Unwittingly does his sibling slay

The shocked killer can’t be booked for murder

He’s just a child.

A crazed gang of young motor cyclists

Jolt sleeping folks out of their wits

With blaring horns and yanked out silencers —

Count it as a boyish prank.

A wrathful, pride-pricked ninth grader

Mad at an unrelenting, demanding teacher

Savagely stabs her to death before his class mates

Excuse him — he’s under eighteen?

A foursome gang of capering teenagers

Kidnap and gang rape their class mate

And shove her naked on the road

Excuse them — they are just playful children?

The Juvenile Justice Act snatches

The under eighteens out of Law’s clutches

Can vicious, beastly adult crimes

Claim an extenuating age tag?

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