On the flip side, the bride’s family has of late learnt to “wisely” handle the situation. They have learnt to account for every pie given and they do ensure they get back their money. Yes, they do give money but as a cheque. The bride’s family also lets the WHOLE town know that dowry was taken. In many a church wedding, at the venue you will be surprised to see a newly registered fancy car tied with a large ribbon right at the entrance.

For those who missed the wedding, the car is driven and placed at the entrance of the reception hall for all to see. To my mind, if such a qualified groom cannot afford a car on his own huge salary, perhaps he shouldn’t have one at all. But an amusing aspect in all this is that the car loan is registered in the bride’s name so after marriage the groom will end up paying the EMI! To add to his woes the car will be registered in Tamil Nadu and if he drives it in any other State where he works, he would be stopped at every traffic signal to see if road tax was paid. Eventually, the frustrated boy will return the car to his father-in-law and buy his own. And the clever father-in-law gets his car back! (Ha ha ha)

And the whole array of household articles such as TV, fridge, washing machine, utensils and linen is on display at the reception for all the guests to know that so much was given to the (greedy) groom’s parents by the (generous) bride’s parents. Also, the bride’s family cuts cost by ensuring that instead of all guests attending their side of the reception, 50% attend the groom’s side reception!

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