This refers to the article, ‘There’s no doubt. The mobile is the master,’ by Skand Shukla (Open Page, The Hindu, December 23, 2012). We are talking about the demerits of cellular phones. But what are we doing about it?

Why don’t we spread the word around to our kith and kin that we don’t attend calls during working hours and stick to the rule?

Why don’t we pass on the landline number at our workplace to them so that they can reach us during an emergency?

Why don’t we refrain from answering mundane questions at public places?

Why don’t we put our mobiles in silent mode unless we are home, especially while travelling by public transport or are in places of worship/hospitals?

Above all, why don’t we train ourselves and those around us to speak softly on the phone?

Dr. Mala David,

Professor, Department of Ophthalmology,

PSG Hospitals,


Keywords: cell phone

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