You’d swiftly zoom from door to door,

With little effort, land on the floor.

Pecking the flour, my mom had ground

And pieces of grain spilt all around.

Mom sang songs, I was a tiny tot,

All day I heard your sweet chirps a lot.

You were the hero when I was fed.

To eat like you’d, so my mom said.

I’d see you return and safely dock

Often atop the Grandfather’s clock.

To feed the chicks that impatiently wait,

You were never tired, that’s your trait!

Removing the cobwebs, end to end

Was a routine chore every weekend.

We always made sure to do our best

Not to disturb your cozy straw nest.

I’m back home after decades you know.

Ah! But where are you, I wish to know.

Things have changed over all these years,

‘Will I see you as before?’ is one of my fears.

Come on my hero, Oh! dear sparrow.

Don’t let my heart sink in sorrow.

I miss you, buddy, where are you?

Now, don’t tell me that I visit the zoo!

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