There are a lot of things in this world which make our lives enjoyable and interesting. Then why do people commit suicide?

Nowadays, the most important reason is failure in love life. A friend of mine committed suicide because of “love failure.” When I went to his home a year after his death, his parents cried as if he died the previous day.

If suicide is the answer to failure in love life, then I should have committed suicide several times over.

When Standard X results were released a few weeks ago, I read in The Hindu that more than five students committed suicide as they did not secure good marks. Is there anything like we can't survive in this world if we don't get good marks? This is not the mistake of just students alone; it is also because of society and peer pressure and the mistaken impression that everything is lost.

Had Sachin Tendulkar thought the same way, we would have never seen a master blaster in him. Everybody has his/her own talent. The important thing is we should identify the strength and nurture it.

Depression is another major cause for suicide. Can you show me one person who is completely happy? Everybody has problems — we have to find ways to overcome them or, in impossible situations, learn to accept the reality and still be happy.

There is a famous saying that “an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered and an inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

Whenever we feel like committing suicide we have to think for a while: will our problems vanish if we take our own lives? will our parents be happy after our death? will your brothers and sisters be happy without you? Your friends may forget you with the passage of time. But, what about your parents? Won't they cry until they die?

Nothing in this world is more important than this beautiful life. Therefore, let's counsel our friends and people on the verge of taking their life that all is not lost and they need to pull back from the brink.

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Life is beautiful: live it, don't take it October 2, 2011

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