The broken doll-stains all over its face playing with tennis ball and breaking a vase Stealing money from daddy’s pocket Playing gully cricket without wickets Hiding in a corner when mother is calling Running zig-zag when sister is chasing Playing hide-and-seek with friends It is an enjoyment that never ends NCC camps, visit to the zoo and picnic School assembly, homework and acting sick Going to the ancestral village by the steam train Counting electric poles through the window pane Reading the Illustrated Weekly and Phantom comics Going to the circus and enjoying the tricks Listening to Binaca geetmala and jaymala on the radio Taking black and white photo at the studio Bunking school and going to the cinemaWhen the power went off cursing the operator Bell bottom pants that swept the street Listening to Abba and Boney M — a real treat Street corner meetings in the evening Carrying tales of neighbourhood with zing Kite flying with manja string Catching the running bus, paying half the fare It sure was a life without a care!

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