No, my dear son, you should go to school. You are five-years old and see what your friends are up to? They have already been introduced to maths and science. It’s cut-throat competition out there and you have to have a head start from the word go to be on the top.

Why do you want stories now, my son? You have heard so much of them when you were in my foetus. And, you have had so many trips outside when I carried you along during my first trimester. Time is running short, honey.

Why do you aspire to climb a hill and catch a cloud now? You would have experienced all the fun and the adventure in my system itself; is it not? The journey you had from the fallopian tube to the uterus, formation of an embryo, the connection made by the umbilical cord, tell me, what’s more adventurous and exciting than all these? Don’t you remember I took you to a museum with your father during my second trimester? You had some visits to cultural places too. You said you are too tired of studying just for marks without really understanding the concepts. I tell you, my son, how much you score is the criterion and please do not push yourself too hard to understand the intricate concepts; because, if you do that, you will lose on your ability to score high. Can’t you recollect that I have wondered so many times why your father spends much of his time and energy for a deeper understanding of the issues? Always remember, Kanna, that’s why he ended up with moderate ranks in his examinations.

Honey, if at all you want to sing, swim or play cricket, you should aim to become Unnikrishnan, a Michael Phelps or a Sachin Tendulkar. I want you to hit the best always. Decide your option fast. Time is too short, my dear. And don’t worry about the size of your schoolbag. The kids in the neighbourhood seem to carry a few kilos more than what you carry. Probably, they learn much more than what you learn. Catch up with them. Can’t you realise that the competition has already commenced?

Be patient, honey. You can learn understand volcanic eruptions, deep sea inhabitations, learn about tadpoles, butterflies and much more in your higher classes. You also said about nature trips, playing with paper boats, puppies, running etc. You can very well experience these on the way to your school, my dear. With the monsoon at its peak, and thanks to the poor civic amenities in our area — Why paper boats? Even the much bigger vehicles passing by would appear to you as if they are floating in the rain. Not only puppies, my dear, even men and women would be jumping and hopping negotiating the inundated waters. And for those swimming fishes you wanted, you can always see them on the brand new fish tank that we bought.

I have pinned all my hopes on you, my loving son. Your father wants to make an engineer of you and, as usual, his choice is mediocre. I have chosen the best for you, a doctor. Don’t you feel excited at being called a doctor? Your monthly take home pay in that case will be more than that of your father’s annual income. Now, have you understood honey? Never afford to waste your time in enjoying or relaxing, my dear. Just have one ambition — that is to become a doctor.

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