Everyone rally around

The expectant mother

When it is the delivery

Of the first baby.

Congratulations and smiles

Gifts and sweets

Follow the baby

The child and mother


Because it’s a boy.

It’s a baby girl

Still, the parents grin

Showing they don’t care

If it’s a son or daughter

But with the secret hope

That there is always

A second chance.

And when it is a girl

Even the second time

There is sorrow

Frustration follows.

Wanting a boy

A girl is born.

Unwanted, unloved.

The mother and daughter

Uncared, shunned

By family, society

The father detached

His heredity doomed

Only, only if I had a son

He thinks

My problems solved

My prestige restored.

Can I take a chance?

For a third child

The father thinks

Maybe, luck will favour

And a son be born.

After all, son

Is a son for ever

And a daughter,

A load to unburden.

(The writer’s email: radhika_writer@yahoo.co.in)

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