“Green earth is synonymous with earth.”

Everyday, we hear about the “Go Green” campaign. We see the initiatives taken by our government and public organisations to prevent the mother earth from hazards. It’s our responsibility to contribute a share of good deed for this wonderful initiative.

But alas! One quite common thing I witness in public places is “spitting”. Spitting ‘paan’ and spitting saliva are the most common deeds. People never seem to bother about the place or about the people and all they do is spit.

Fellow citizens, please think about the infections caused by spitting. Hygiene is an important factor and we all do agree that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Let us not forget that the garbage cleaner is also a human being. Are we not aware of the consequences of our ugly surroundings?

Above all, do we need someone to poke or prod us not to spit in public places? Do we need someone to punish us for spitting?

Why don’t we understand that our heart is there to watch our deeds and buzz us every time when we cause damages to our earth. A single deed of work will create a drastic change.

So we as individuals shall start to contribute to this noble act. Enough is enough!

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