It’s a wonderful spring morning,

First rays of the sun are winking,

And the alarm goes on ringing,

Oh God, can’t wake up, I’m snoozing;

There I stand brushing,

I can see the treadmill smiling,

You missed it again, it says

Yet again, the routine of jogging!

Where’re car keys, I set out searching

Oh, it’s getting late, I’ve a meeting!

There I was calling the cabbie, I say,

Please spare me the horror of driving!

I sit in car with air conditioning,

Who listens? But FM goes on playing,

Doesn’t he understand my urgency?

Can’t he drive fast but I see him dozing;

I find myself at the lounge barging,

Can’t stand at security for checking,

I remembered my oath to take stairs,

I take lift, sorry, my work is calling!

Finally I’m at my seat, relaxing,

Can find mugs that need cleaning,

And the boring thought-for-the-days,

“Love-the-job-you-do”s, I’m sneering!

There I see my neighbour frowning,

Contemptuous look she’s showing,

“Don’t-you-know — how-to-behave?”

I feel that satire, I set out working;

Functions, procedures — I’m coding,

I feel the faint fragrance lingering,

I look around to see, there she is!

Seducing and hazy eyed, beaming;

Can’t take eyes off her, I’m dreaming,

Reluctantly, I continue my coding,

Oh this week is the deadline, but

Oh, the crappy code isn’t compiling!

I find something missing, oh

It’s green tea I should be drinking,

It burns calories, isn’t it, I’m thinking,

Waste of time going to park running

I grow slim sooner than exercising!

Oh isn’t it time, I need to be rushing,

I’ve a date to keep, she’ll be waiting,

That status mail I need to be sending,

Why on earth does he need now?!

I hit enter fiercely, I see my neighbour smirking;

Good gracious, I kept my date, I’m beaming,

But little more work keeps calling,

I settle before the system working,

Oh I couldn’t watch the Sherlock series,

Give me some me-time, I find myself asking!

Uff, I’m done finally, I’m relaxing,

I hear my smartphone buzzing,

Oh its the whatsapp group, need to

Make sure I’m not virtually dead!

I send forwards and set out pinging;

Here I come to the end of confessing,

I know how these ‘-ing’s are bothering,

They never have an end, but continuous,

I can listen to the books, guitar, treadmill,

Smartphone in harmony singing,

Time is all yours, why waste it searching

Awake! Go and find your living!

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