The article “Back to my umbilical cord,” The Hindu Open Page (April 14) was lovely and the feeling of connecting with one’s roots is common to people who visit their ancestral village. However; I would like to clarify the fact about the “ghee emerging magically from a corner.” I have personally clarified the matter with the priest’s family. The ghee that was given by the priest had been kept for another puja to be done later that day. However; on hearing about the author’s family name and its links to the village, the priest was happy to give the ghee. Since shops are nearly 1 km away from the temple, it would not be easy to get another bottle of ghee at short notice. This was the reason why the priest was reluctant to give it in the first instance. The impression that there is corruption and nepotism even in temples is erroneous and it has hurt the priest and his family.

The usual practice for worshippers is to bring ghee, oil, cotton wicks along with their offerings.

Lakshmi Narayan by email


Pradeep Swaminathan writes:

What I intended to convey was the moment the priest came to know of my background and my connection with the village, he went out of his way to help me. If this has been interpreted in any other manner and if it has caused hurt or misgivings to anyone, my sincere apologies. I am grateful to everyone in my village, including the priest, who on knowing my connection, went out of their way to make me feel at home, even though this was my second visit there, after a gap of 50 years.

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