During my visits to the ATM, I have had many humorous encounters.

The first type is the doubtful person who holds the ATM card as if he is seeing it for the first time and looks at it like he is going to say bye to it. He takes his own sweet time to decide which side of the card to insert and looks back to see if anyone is watching.

The next type is the highly suspicious person who before entering the ATM room looks left, right and back to see if anybody is following him. He is now relaxed to find that all is well. Upon entering, he spreads himself as if to block the keyboard so that nobody will see him punching the pin. Once he withdraws money, he will count it twice at a leisurely pace before stepping out.

There is another species who upon completing the transaction relaxes in front of the air-conditioner, gives his hair a stroke, tucks in his shirt properly to make himself ready for the world outside.

Then you have the person who looks at the ATM as if it is a patient ready for surgery. He tries various options available on the menu screen and derives pleasure in each activity. He does everything possible with the machine except withdrawing money.

Now comes the person who uses the ATM room as a phone booth. He is not bothered about beginning his transaction. He just keeps talking. He is least concerned about the queue outside and occasionally glances back to give a nasty look.

Sometimes, you see a couple who enter the ATM. He helps her in understanding the working process of the ATM, flashes a smile and makes sure that she has understood the operation. He behaves as if it is he who has assembled the machine. In the process, glances are exchanged, hands are touched and finally they come out as if returning from an exam.

Finally, you have the person who is an ATM destroyer. He forcibly pushes open the door as if he is on a mission to destroy. The moment he enters, he forcibly inserts the card and makes an action in Rajnikanth style and punches in his password so hard that the keys are ready for first aid. He is impatient and bangs the ATM in case there is a delay. Poor machine, it is sure to create problems for the next person. To top it all, you have the person who after completing his transaction keeps pulling the door to come out. He is almost in panic mode as if he is trapped inside. Then someone gestures from outside to press a switch for the door to open.

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