Dear SUV man:

You have a very nice and sturdy vehicle. I’ve hardly seen a finer automobile ever before. And I’m certain you take a great deal of care of this magnificent vehicle you own. Not a spot on it would escape your Aviator-clad eyes.

However, what your eyes fail to see is … me. Standing five feet and a few inches tall, I do not make for a striking figure. But yes, I’m tall enough to be visible, unless the beholder is blind. Blind, you surely are not. But what puzzles me is how you manage to almost knock me down on the road every alternate day, despite my walking only when the lights for me go green and yours, red. Agreed, you own a mean machine, but you are no Nico Rosberg, and the road you drive on, is not a Buddh International Circuit track.

I concede I’m a novice on the roads of your beautiful city, but I’m sure the traffic rules that were taught to you and me in kindergarten are the same and still hold true. Maybe you need a little refresher course, so I suggest you go read up some traffic rule handbook. Or if that is too much trouble, then keep a lawyer on your speed-dial, because some day your driving is going to end up causing me some serious harm and inviting a police case and lawsuit against you.

I humbly pray thee to take some time and think over what I’ve said, before you settle into that driver’s seat ever again.

Yours faithfully,

Innocent Pedestrian

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