Peruvians are ecstatic after Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on October 7.

Sales of his books have skyrocketed in bookstores across the country. Moreover, a cultural week was announced to promote the reading of his works.

Javier Ochoa, a manager of a bookstore in Arequipa, said that sales of Vargas Llosa's books have quadrupled after he won. “We sell some 25 of his books by day,” he said. “There were people who did not know him (Vargas Llosa) in the past, but with his winning this award, people will read more and we will sell more,” a book seller in Lima said. The Education Ministry has announced it will promote the reading of Vargas Llosa's works in all schools nationwide, including the initiation of a programme called the Reader's Plan to encourage students to read one book each month. The Culture Ministry announced on October 10 that it would host a cultural week to pay homage to Vargas Llosa and support creating a national award with his name. — Xinhua

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