New dinosaur bones have been found at an excavation site in Russia's south-eastern region of Primorsky Krai, the Vostok Media news agency has reported.

“While removing bones of an olorotitan from Kundursky excavation site, we spotted a tooth of a carnivorous dinosaur stuck between the caudal vertebrae of the olorotitan,” said Ivan Bolotsky, a junior research assistant at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Geology and Natural Resource Use.

Palaeontologists believe the dinosaurs were killed by a mudslide because the bone fragments were buried in solidified mud and stone, according to the report.

The palaeontologists have been digging up bones of dinosaurs at the excavation site for two years, inch by inch removing soil from the finds.

Yuri Bolotsky, chief of Palaeontology Laboratory at the Far Eastern regional branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said: “The dinosaurs have been preserved to such an extent that the orifices, outlets of cranial nerves and blood vessels remained intact. That means we can analyse the brain structure of these animals.” Scientific evidence to date shows the bones of the last dinosaurs in Asia are buried there. But scientists cannot say how many as the bone bed stretches for about 30 km.

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