The largest waste-to-power plant in China, the Hangu waste-to-power plant, located in the country's northern coastal city of Tianjin, will begin operations before June, according to a spokesman for the Tianjin Electric Power Corporation.

Located in the Binhai new district of Tianjin, the plant, spread over an area of 13.2 hectares, is expected to consume 2,000 tonnes of trash and waste daily.

On completion, it will be able to treat 6,67,000 tonnes of trash and generate 146 million kwh of electricity each year. The waste-to-energy plant has the largest complete sealed trash tank in China, which can keep 20,000 tonnes of waste in storage.

With an advanced incineration system, the emission targets of the power plant meet European Union standards, the spokesman said. Along with fast economic development and a quick rise in urban population, Tianjin, like many other Chinese cities, has been plagued by the issue of growing waste.

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