Brazil's ethanol fuel production will reach 64 billion litres in the year 2019, more than twice the amount currently produced, the Mines and Energy Minister Marcio Zimmerman said on September 20.

“Brazil produces 26 billion litres today and the figure will reach 64 billion litres in 2019. With that, we will even have a surplus to export,” Zimmerman said in Sao Paulo.

Zimmerman explained that 47 per cent of Brazil's energy came from renewable sources, one of the highest rates in the world. According to him, that is due to sugarcane-based products, which are responsible for the production of 18 per cent of the country's energy.

The Minister defended a rise in the investments in the sector, in order to keep up with other countries which are trying to improve the efficiency of the ethanol fuel production. He pointed out, however, that he believed Brazil will keep on being one of the most efficient countries in the world in this sector.

Along with the U.S., Brazil is one of the leading ethanol fuel producers in the world. The country has a high domestic demand for the product, since the fuel used in automobiles must be blended with ethanol. In addition, most cars produced in Brazil in the last few years are ‘flexi-fuelled', which means that consumers can choose which fuel to use.

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